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Music Educator

"So I've attended a few other sessions like this and Nadia enjoyed it but today's was possibly the best! I loved how easygoing she was with Piya and Nadia and it was very smoothly done. Nadia had a ball. I think I was a bit blown away by how she got Nadia to draw, dance and even play drums! Was very nice!!"

Roshni (Parent)


"The workshop has given me many ideas to create and re-create the environment for children. How I can be mindful about giving children open spaces, freedom with responsibility, and a thinker and a doer. I am going to start implementing this in my class."

Geeta (teacher)

"This space helps us to ground ourselves and helps us to realise what we need to do."

Allie (Grade 5)

‘I needed clarity and a deeper view of Reggio Emilia's values. Now I know how to start and take forward these value-based learnings. I feel that as teachers we should use our hundred languages to understand and guide our children towards strengthening their personalities and being meaningful to the world

M. Garg (Teacher)

I used to think that spaces, resources and ideas needed to be "set" and ready from the get-go and that uncertainty and discomfort were bad things. Now I know that it's part of the process, part of taking risks and trying new things, and that change is inevitable when the child is at the centre of their learning.

N. Bhansali (Teacher)

"How do we relate to space? How we react to it was just a vague idea in my head. This has given me clarity and purpose. Not just for my school space, but for my workspace, home too. I will look at things differently now."

Saman Mohd Shahab (Teacher)


"The Goatee the Goat workshop has been a treat from Day 1. Ms. Angela's creativity knows no bounds -- and neither does Goatee's optimism. We love how Ms. Angela inspires and encourages the young artists. The way Ms. Angela facilitates makes it work for a range of ages; this is a skill I really admire and appreciate. The music of Goatee the Goat is often stuck in our heads and the storyline follows us through our day. Thanks so much, Ms. Angela, for such a well-crafted workshop and for your genuine enthusiasm and warm-heartedness!"

Chantal (Parent)

"I liked story parts so we could imagine. I also loved the pictures so we could see what's going on in the story. My favorite characters were, Spider, Star, Goatee, and Gertee. I liked how you showed us different ways to paint with natural things." 

Leela (Pre-Kindergarten)

"Ariana loves everything about Miss Angela’s class. There's a freedom of expression which she’s particularly appreciated. She absolutely loves Goatee the goat’s song and listens to it every day since the class began. The use of different mediums and making her own natural paint has been very new and exciting for her. The class has everything music, movement, drawing, painting, the use of different materials, and of course Ms. Angela’s welcoming smile and encouraging words. Ariana said she wants goatee the goat’s toy and a book on him"

Rakhee (Parent)

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