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Who am I?

Who am I?

G’day! I’m Angela! I’ve lived internationally for over 20 years and had the privilege of working at schools in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore,  India and Vietnam. 

During my time abroad, I have practiced as both a music therapist, music educator, and atelierista.

I am deeply inspired by the values of the Reggio Emilia approach and I center my work around close collaboration between children, parents, teachers, and myself.

Differentiation and empowerment are at the core of my practice and I am passionate about building meaningful and nurturing learning spaces that inspire both children and adults to discover their passions and ‘possibles’.

After 15 years of pioneering and experimenting with creative spaces (ateliers), I believe it is a gentle introduction to begin developing thoughtful learning environments, review mindset, and scaffold the potential for change. 

Living in Mumbai, India has reminded me of what it means to be generous, hospitable, and resilient no matter what life throws at you. The idea of ‘possibles’ is everywhere and I have been inspired to discover more about the possible artist within me. Wanting to share and embrace this notion of ‘possibles,’ the music and story of ‘Goatee The Goat’ was born in 2015.

So that’s me! 

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